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The general idea is to accumulate human driven/generated data, and give reports to people participating on site with minimum input. How are we different? Your data will be saved, for you forever, you can also do re-assessments to show charts over time. We also are dedicated to taking a very transparent approach at self-assessment. This can be and is recommended to be anonymous, although you can use your real name if you choose so, but choose wisely. Since the reports are for you and who you choose to share them with, dishonesty no longer makes sense as the reports are again for U & who U share with. You can also meet new people with similar psychometrics and/or astrometrics.

We will be proceeding to PROJECT: Archetype after Phase 1. This will always be a donation driven site via https://flattr.com/ and/or https://www.coinimp.com . Some of the content used on this site is directly referencing or using apis from the following sites and/or companies.

PHASE 1 – PROJECT Psyche: / 90% finished.

Psycho-logical Charts compared to Astro-logical Reports

https://open.nasa.gov/data-stories/solar-system-simulator/ & https://experiments.withgoogle.com/chrome/jsorrery / https://experiments.withgoogle.com/ – Generated from jsorrery (jsOrrery shows you in 3D the position of planets, spacecraft, comets, visible stars, etc. You can use it to visualize interesting phenomenons such as apparent retrograde motions of the planets, librations of the ☾ (Moon) - 🏡🔏 or solar eclipses, but also historical events such as the Apollo missions to the moon. It is written in Javascript, so anyone can view it in a browser, and the code is open-source.)

& https://www.traitify.com/science/

http://hexaco.org/ (A MEASURE OF THE SIX MAJOR DIMENSIONS OF PERSONALITY by Kibeom Lee, Ph.D., & Michael C. Ashton, Ph.D.)




PHASE 2 – PROJECT Archetype:

Human Archetypes:



http://www.soulcraft.co/essays/the_12_common_archetypes.html – Sub Categories

http://archetypist.com/what/archetype-list/ – Main Exhaustive List (80+ Arch’s or 5-10 per Sub or 20 per main)

Archetypal Powers: